Spanish Nationality for Sephardim

All you need to know

Get the Spanish nationality. It is your right.

If you are sephardic, you are able to get the Spanish nationality through a legal process known as carta de naturaleza. For the presentation and preparation of all the necessary documentation, you need someone on your side, someone who’ll advise and guide you. Here you will find all you need to know.


By taking the Jews away from us, they have taken away many names that would have been a glory to the motherland” (Emilio Castelar, speech to the House of Representatives on religious freedom and the separation of Church and State, 1869).

The right of the Sephardic Jews worldwide to obtain Spanish nationality is not new. On December 20th, 1924, Miguel Primo de Rivera issued a decree which recognized the right to a nationality and the protection of “ancient Spanish or their descendants, and generally individuals belonging to families of Spanish origin”, referring to Sephardim.

While this decree does not explicitly mention the Sephardim, actually the Law does so (Law 51/1982 in it Article 22.1).

Since then, most of the Sephardim non-resident in Spain have applied for spanish citizenship through the legal mechanism of the carta de naturaleza or naturalization. The Ministry of Justice has received numerous requests and it has approved and granted most of them. Furthermore, after the announcement that the new Spanish government made, expressing that a new law in order to streamline the process is coming out soon, the interest of the Sephardim from all the world to access Spanish nationality has increased.

If Sephardic Jews were waiting for a chance to obtain Spanish nationality, this surely is the time to do so.

The process

Spanish nationality for foreigners Sephardim could be obtained by two different ways:

  • Through the carta de naturaleza or naturalization, no other requirement than proving to be Sephardic or descendant of these (Article 21 of the Civil Code);


  • Through citizenship by residence, proving that the candidate resides legally in our country since, at least, two years (Article 22 of the Civil Code).

Carta de naturaleza or naturalization is set in our legal system as a nationality discretionary concession, granted by the Spanish government to a foreigner, with no other requirement than establishing an “exceptional circumstance” justifying the grant. In the case of Sephardim, the uniqueness would be to prove the Sephardic condition.

If you wish to have more detailed information about the process, contact us and we will try to help you

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